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Conference Venue


1. 第三届机电控制技术与交通运输国际学术会议(ICECTT2018)将在重庆科技学院学术交流中心(重科大酒店)举行。
2. 组委会已经与该酒店谈妥住宿优惠价,具体信息以及预定方式附后。
3. 请务必在2018年1月10日前预订。
地址:重庆 沙坪坝区 虎溪大学城重庆科技学院东门 ,近大学城东路。
豪华套间,370元/天 (两个床位、Interenet网、两份早餐)
豪华单间,270元/天 (一个床位、Interenet网、两份早餐)
标准双间,260元/天 (两个床位、Interenet网、一份早餐)


请务必在2018年1月10日前发送参会回执点击下载)至 组委会指定邮箱 ICECTT@163.COM ,否则无法保证住宿安排。
(A)Conference Venue
ICECTT2018 will take place at the Chongqing university of science & technology International Academic Exchange Center(Ease Inn)
Website: Click
Hotel Address: Chongqing University of Science and Technology , Univerisity Town, Chongqing, 401331, China

* Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport.:33km;40min;
* Chongqing Railway Station:21.8km;30min;
* Chongqing North Railway Station:21.6km;30min;
* Chongqing South Railway Station:23.1km;35min
* Downtown:1.6km;10min;

(B) Hotel Reservation
Please find below hotel with special rate for the conference:Sun City Hotel.
Suite: RMB 370/ night (about USD 60/ night). (Two beds, Internet and two breakfast included )
Deluxe single room: RMB 270/ night (about USD 40/ night). (One beds, Internet and two breakfast included )
Standard  double room: RMB 260/night(about USD40/night). (One beds, Internet and two breakfast included )
All reservation with special rate should be done by the Committee of ICECTT 2018. Please sent us booking receipt to the Email Address ICECTT@163.COM before January 10,2018 if you want to reserve the room.

Hotel Reservation Form(download)